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Ibyish Clan is recruiting!

Current needs:

  • All Classes

We are recruiting all classes and roles.

To apply, follow these instructions.


Raid Progress

We've downed Garrosh!
For the Horde!

  • Rivenwood/
  • Adence
  • Baelrog
  • Torstai
Sunset over Azeroth
About Ibyish Clan

Ibyish Clan is a semi-casual, friendly guild - we're one of the older guilds on Malygos, founded during the first 6 months of the server going live. Our guild interests include raiding, PvP, altaholicism, and general debauchery!

Though we do raid (primarily 10-mans) and are looking to expand our raiding experience, we will never become a hard-core raid guild. While we encourage members to come enjoy our raids, we do not require guild members to do so. If you're looking for a fun group of people who care about more than just gear, check us out!

Have questions? Contact the GM or any officer in-game.

'Do me know you? No matter. Me crush your bones!' ~ Avalanchion